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Welcome to Reusing Dublin, a space to discover and share information about vacant or underused spaces in Dublin

Join us in unlocking the potential of the spaces in our city

How it works

Using the map below, discover or add information about any underused sites you have noticed.

  • Add a space by clicking the 'add a site' tab and clicking on the location on the map.
  • Share your information about a site.
  • Connect with others who might be interested in the site

About the Project

Reusing Dublin responds to the observation that we don’t use space in our city efficiently - and sometimes we don’t use it at all.

Reusing Dublin attempts to map underused spaces in order to identify opportunities for using the city more efficiently for the benefit of everyone.

Underused spaces include sites and buildings that are not used at all (vacant) or that are only partly in use. It also includes spaces that may have a use, like a roof or a grassed area, but that could accommodate additional uses.

Re-using Dublin is an experimental research project that is part of a wider EU FP7 project called TURAS (Transitioning towards Urban Resilience and Sustainability).

Coordinator Bio's

Aoife Corcoran

Aoife Corcoran Profile

Aoife works in UCD on the EU funded research project TURAS. Aoife’s background is in geography and geo-ICT. She is from Dublin and studied in NUI Maynooth and University College Cork. Aoife has lived her entire life in Cabra except for a brief escape to Adelaide in 2011.

Philip Crowe

Philip Crowe Photo.jpg

Philip works in UCD on the EU funded research project TURAS. Philip’s background is in architecture and urban design. He is from Belfast and studied in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Dublin has been home for the past 17(!) years.

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